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About Us


Contec Vision, Contec Vision, provides Clinical Information Technologies (CIT), enabling the industry's most rapid and accurate solution for clinical information applications creation and management.

Cutting-Edge Technology
VisionIT is the company's proprietary Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology platform, providing the healthcare industry most powerful deployment and life-cycle management technology for complex clinical processes.

Enterprise-Wide Solutions
VisionIT powered solutions includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Telemedicine, Teleradiology, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Charting, Reporting, Image and Multimedia capture and management, Clinical-Research Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Document Management and many more applications, all based on the VisionIT single solution platform.

Knowledge based Vision
The company founders were pioneers in developing and providing the first digital imaging solutions for surgery and diagnosis Minimally Invasive technologies. This experience led the founders to understand that the existing clinical IT solutions needs revolutionary changes in the way clinical information solutions are developed, deployed and managed.

The Challenge - CIS for Multispecialty-settings
Clinical Information Solutions requires extremely high levels of flexibility, ongoing customization, adoption to fragmented specialties, modifications of protocols, techniques, business logics and guidelines.

Attempts to provide CIT solutions at multispecialty settings tend to be long and expensive projects. Such projects often generate too general and "flat" systems that are found to be clinically useless to most providers. On the other hand, specialty centric products do not provide a viable enterprise-wide solution, capable of supporting a broad variety of clinical requirements. Furthermore IT managers are reluctant to accept the deployment and continuous maintenance of 10-100 different products and software systems at their organizational infrastructure.

The VisionIT unique dynamic solution

The Solution - Dynamic , VisionIT proprietary core technology enables a programming-free system and content management solution over a suite of application generators, engines, wizards, rule-based engine and broad clinical knowledge base. The VisionIT suite enable fast deployment of fully customized IT applications, for each clinical specialty, at any number of different specialties over a single enterprise web-based platform.



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