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Your Clinical Solution

Fit your specialty, timeline and budget

Better workflow... Greater accuracy... Greater patient care... Greater revenues... Information at your fingertips at any time and place.

Itís all within easy reach with VisionIT clinical companion solutions.

Specialty based
VisionIT clinically based solutions enable an accurate and fully customized clinical content, workflow, protocols and knowledge to fit your specialty preferred workflow.

Acquiring a fully customized information solution is not anymore a high risk, expensive and endless project. With VisionIT, existing clinical workflows are turned into a powerful information system on-the-fly.

Flexible for any change!
Content changes, at any level, are performed within the organization without any technical knowledge.

New techniques and protocols are easily created, integrated and updated, using the infrastructure built-in wizards.

Unique features & advantages                                 

  • Sub-Specialties fully supported
  • Clinical algorithms integration
  • Images, Video, Voice and radiology data integration
  • Extensive reporting and statistics tools
  • Built in modules supporting surgeries, imaging, laboratories, prescribing, consultancy and more...
  • Telemedicine applications fully supported
  • Long term follow-up on clinical outcomes
  • Advanced tools for knowledge preservation
  • Advanced graphic presentation and documentation integration
  • Pictures, drawings, graphs, sophisticated tables and more...
  • SNOMED content and integration included
  • Scoring tools for any clinical outcome


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Technology at your service!
  • Web based
  • Scheduled upgrades
  • Generic open platform
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Thin clients ready
  • HIPAA compliancy